The oldest story known to humankind. The king of Uruk (modern Iraq) has done it all: killed monsters, fought wars, built his city...and now he is bored. Stronger and smarter than anyone around him, restless and impatient, he has turned in on himself and become destructive. His people cry out for help to the goddess Ishtar, who sends Gilgamesh a companion, Enkidu, a wild man who is in every way his equal. The two men become fast friends and have many adventures together. Gilgamesh, devoted to his friend and rejecting the love of the goddess, enrages Ishtar, who takes Enkidu from him to make him suffer. Horrified by the death of his beloved friend, Gilgamesh sets off on a journey to find Utnapishtim—the sole survivor of an ancient, world-destroying flood—to learn the secret of immortality, and the answer to why human life must be filled with suffering.

"[Gilgamesh is] an extraordinary evening of beauty and terror."
~ Marshall Yeager
Off-Off Broadway Review, April 6, 1995

"Ordover's script [for Gilgamesh] has taken generous liberties with its root text, injecting lots of comedy... and sharpening what could have been a sprawling mess into something grand but accessible.... A weird, wonderful, rather unlikely masterpiece."
~ Chris Page
Get Out Magazine, Arizona Tribune, June, 2004

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