Cassandra, a young princess, makes nightly broadcasts from the besieged city of Troy, begging for help from the outside world while UN peacekeepers pull out and abandon the people of the city. Outside the city walls, she can hear the armies of Agamemnon, preparing for their final assault. Back home in Argos, Clytemnestra waits for word from her husband, trying to banish from her mind the memory of her daughter, slaughtered ten years ago as an act of sacrifice to ensure victory. Her surviving child, Orestes, is beaten and punished by his teacher for his weakness and vulnerability. A battered and blind messenger returns to Argos, telling a horrible story of the death of Troy. When Agamemnon comes home, victorious, he brings with him as war booty the crazed remains of a shattered Cassandra. Cassandra feels death and doom all around her, and becomes possessed by the ghost of the murdered daughter, Iphigenia. Clytemnestra is horrified by this, but welcomes her husband home, making him walk on a red carpet made of his murdered child's clothing. Once inside the house, she murders Agamemnon and Cassandra. Orestes murders his mother in retaliation.

This retelling of the ancient myth throws a harsh spotlight on our own cycles of violence—both personal and political.

Price: $8.99

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